Ladybug had a seizure last evening. It only lasted 45 seconds to one minute, but it freaked her parentals out. Mr. Vixen and I went over last night and stayed the night. I don’t know that we would actually wake up if she had a seizure (they are silent, these absence seizures), but it makes Nannygoat feel better. Which is one of my priorities, making my kids feel better. Especially pregnant ones.

Since our false alarm on Friday regarding the impending birth of JumpingBean, there hasn’t been much action. Or if there is, Nannygoat is not sharing. She feels embarrassed and says she will just wait until the baby is falling out before she goes back to the hospital. Ahh hormonal, stressed-out mothers-to-be, ya gotta love em. She has check with her OB tomorrow and scheduled induction on Thursday so we will see where it goes.

Not sure how many more nights I can spend away from home and on an air mattress. Feeling a bit old and stiff. Of course, its lovely to see Ladybug so much. She is quite the bundle of toddlerness!