Thirteen Reasons I Love My Kids

  1. Nannygoat paints lovely pictures and takes grand photos. OH AND she is really good with computer graphic stuff. She made me the banner up there…..I love yarn and I am the unofficial doctor in the family, so it suits me!
  2. Macdougal plays guitar tremendously well and was self taught.
  3. Bear can do just about anything she sets her mind to.
  4. They are very respectful of adults, all adults and other people. Pretty rare amongst kids their age.
  5. Nannygoat is an amazing Mom. She is awesome. And such a lovely grandbaby we got out of the deal.
  6. Macdougal is a natural born conflict negotiator, always has been since he was a child.
  7. Bear brightens a room the moment she walks in.
  8. They are all extremely loving, caring and thoughtful.
  9. They are loyal and tenacious, always.
  10. I know I will be well-loved and well-cared for when I am old. Family is always number one for them.
  11. You can always count on them. No matter what, where, or when, they will be there for you.
  12. They are all very, very good looking and intelligent (no idea where they got that from!).
  13. They love me, almost as much as I love them.

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