Mr. Vixen,

Ya know our 25th anniversary is coming up in just 12 days right? So I wanted you to know, that I have it on authority that Life’s too short to have a gimpy camera.

Now that you have indisputable proof via the internet, which never, never lies, you are going to buy me a very mid-range nice digital SLR for our anniversary. Mkay? Good, glad that is settled. ?What? You want me to buy it for you? No problem, I would be glad to handle that for ya. Tyvm. Love ya.

Any ideas peoples? I really can’t afford the really good ones, but I do want SLR, but I need speed. I have a two year old grand daughter I need to catch on film and Lordy can she move!!!

Oh, and anyone got an idea about what to get a guy for your 25th? He is a blue jeans/machinist kinda guy. No tools, he already owns $26,000 worth. If we could sell them, we could put a down payment on a house, jeez.