August 2007


Thirteen Reasons I actually like living in a tiny RV mini cabin (399 sq feet) vs. my old abode of 2,400 sq feet

  1. In the RV mini cabin no matter where we are we can either hear or see each other (even going deaf people).
  2. In the RV mini cabin it only takes 15 minutes to deep clean the entire place.
  3. In the RV mini cabin when I turn on the stereo, I can hear it everywhere.
  4. In the RV mini cabin there are a lot less places to lose things.
  5. In the RV mini cabin the flies stand no chance…there is no where to run and no where to hide from Mr. Vixen’s fly swatter of doom.
  6. Because of the RV mini cabin I spend more time outside and am in better shape than I have been in 15 years.
  7. In the RV mini cabin the pool table and the kids are in different buildings, so its very quiet at night and I sleep much better without interruptions (Old days: Mr. Vixen says “Did you just hear the pool table drop? Me: “Yes and its freakin’ 2am!).
  8. In the RV mini cabin we can see the dogs everywhere….no chances to sneak off and do their duty inside, leaving us to find it in later when we don’t know which of the 5 to blame.
  9. In the RV mini cabin we have a gas stove that takes propane….now we spend $12 a month on gas. At the old house it was $112.
  10. In the RV mini cabin we don’t have room to set up the super game computer and so I don’t have to listen to Battlefield2 24/7.
  11. In the RV mini cabin we are on wheels (albeit without full air) so if the big Cali earthquake hits, we probably won’t notice.
  12. In the RV mini cabin if there was a flood, it would have to get four feet deep before we would know.
  13. In the RV mini cabin I can watch TV from the porch couch and for a smoker, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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Dear Asshole,

It is a double yellow line for a reason. It means no passing. There is no passing on that road because there is not enough room on the small, twisty two lane country road for three cars. Obviously there was not room for my mini-van as I had to drive off the road at the last moment so that you wouldn’t hit me. You were a big white truck, passing another big white truck, and it just wasn’t going to work. When you realized you were not going to make it you sped up! Brilliant. I locked up the brakes as best I could, I really didn’t have anywhere to go, what with the tiny mountain road and all. And the guy you were trying to pass? You can both rot in hell together. I know he didn’t want to let you in because he sped up also. Apparently neither of you cared for our lives. Go die on your own time without taking any innocent people with you. Bad enough you made me have to sit there and cry with fear (I could only go about 18″ off the road without going off the cliff, so you only missed me by 12 inches or so), BUT you made my 16 year old baby girl CRY. No one makes my babies cry. If they do, they pay. I am still freaking tearing up, DAM YOU. If you hadn’t been going 50 mph and heading straight for me, I might have gotten your license plate. When karma bites you in the ass, I hope there are no innocents around.


Flight Of The Conchords – The Humans Are Dead

People keep talking about Flight of the Conchords. I had never seen it, so I looked around to cheer myself up. This one is just hysterical.

I am drowning again

The water closing over my head

Cutting off sight and sound

The deep dark surrounding me


The dream is continuous

It creeps upon me deep in the night

I can’t hold my breath anymore

I just want it to stop


Every moment the fear

Takes control of my life

Super critical Mom does one thing at a time

Can’t live life waiting for shoe to drop


Country songs say “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye”

Goodbye to a life I knew

Can’t let go

Want that life back


Crying all the time

But no one knows

Can’t let them see

Because we can do this, we have to


Little Angel

Already my miracle

Just goes away for moments

Want those moments back


Short as they are

I miss her then

I am frightened

How do we do this forever?


Breaks my heart

In little tiny pieces

She awakes and says

“What’d I do?”


Perfect angel

I love you more than life

And my tears will float us

To a better life

Effective immediately, the baby previously known as JumpingBean will now be known as……



But she is a very sweet little Butterball


On the day that Nannygoat delivered JumpingBean, the UPS man delivered my new baby (drum roll please……….) A Canon Powershot Pro S3 IS It is not the D40, obviously. Turned out that for now, the D40 was just out of my price range. I still adore the D40 (don’t tell the S3), but this baby is perfect for me. Maybe not perfect, because I can’t figure it out….even with the book I think it is going to take about six months. Bear grabbed it in the labor and delivery room, spent five minutes twisting, pushing, beeping and clicking and is now a pro. I can’t remember to turn on the flash, so the ones I have taken are mostly blurry. I am special.

I am hoping I get better and this ‘point and shoot’ thing works for me. Otherwise, Bear will take pictures and I will take credit. Here are some she shot yesterday while I was working



She took a million more and they are good, but it is too time consuming to resize them to fit on here. Right now I need to go spend some time with S3 so we can get to know each other better.


I am Ladybug. I was am the center of Grama’s unviverse. This morning a very strange thing happened. When I woke up, my Mom and Dad weren’t there. Only Uncle Macdougal and Auntie Funsize were there. My mommy and dada have never left me. My grama says once they went to a movie, but I was only a little baby and I don’t remember it. It was okay though because Auntie Funsize chased me around for hours and we all had fun. I got very tired and went down for a nap finally. Just 20 minutes into my nap, Uncle Macdougal woke me up and put me in the car again. I cried all the way. Then I got to see my mommy and daddy, so I was happy again. Then Daddy brought out this baby. I said “Momma, Dada, Baby” over and over. I knew it was mine. I hugged and kissed it.


Then Grama, Papa, Great Grama, Great Papa, Uncle Macdougal, Auntie Funsize and Auntie Bear took me to Chili’s for dinner. On the way I decided I wanted to talk about this baby thing again.

First I ate a french fry so I would have the strength to relive it:


Then I told Grama about how Uncle Macdougal woke me up and I finally found Mommy and Daddy who had been missing all day:


And then Daddy showed me the baby and I was happy because now I can jump on Momma’s belly again:


And Grama said did I like the new baby and I said sure, for now, I think. But you still love me best right?


And then I told Grama about how the baby cries. When the baby cries I get sad because I don’t know what to do. So I make this face until someone makes the baby stop:


Then I went home and slept for 12 hours. Having babies is exhausting.

Following the easiest birth I have ever witnessed…weighing in at 7lbs and 5 ozs, 18 inches long and appearing at 3:47pm:



The actual birthing part went sorta like this: Nurse: Ok, we are gonna start pushing in 15 minutes. Do whatever you all need to do now. Fifteen minutes later, nurse and doc: Ok push, push push. Six minutes later, welcome JumpingBean. Nannygoat to doctor: Thats it?!?! I’m done? No stitches? Doctor: Nope that its. All done.

Wow, I would have loved a delivery like that.

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