Last nite Mr. Vixen was tired early. So we went to bed early. I was not so tired. So I was lying there trying to be asleep. Suddenly he jerked. You know, that whole body jerk when you have a dream of falling of a cliff:

Me: Whoa there Nelly, you ok? Fall off a cliff?

Mr. Vixen: Yarm glub neft. Broppen knee.

Me: You fell off a cliff and broke your knee?

Mr. Vixen: Nerg fizzen blat knee?

Me: Hmm. You fell off a cliff here at the house or were we camping?

Mr. Vixen: Mpphh. Running.

Me: You were running?!?! Wow?**

Mr. Vixen: Yerp. And knee broke.

Me: In your dreams you can run? Run like a kid again? That is so sad. You are only in your 40s and you dream about being able to run. Like an old dog who chases rabbits in his sleep. Sad but funny. Heh. Sorry.

Mr. Vixen: Yea I could run. I ran and my knee just broke.

Me: Sad. That is sad. I am sorry. Hey, wanna get up and play cards????!!!!

Mr. Vixen: No. Exhausted. Too tired. Unless you wanna play around?

Me: You are too exhausted to play cards, but you have enough energy to get physical?

Mr. Vixen: Let’ get physical, physical. La la lalala, lalala.

Me: Do not sing Olivia Newton John to me.

Silence ensued for a few minutes. Mr. Vixen begins to snore softly.

Me: NOOOOOOOOO. Now it’s in my head! It won’t stop. That damn song! Those damn workout clothes! That damn headband! It won’t stop. That is the worst song ever! I hate you!!!!!!!!

Mr. Vixen: Heh. Sorry, but you did compare me to an old dog….

**Mr. Vixen is currently disabled due to ongoing knee problems. He had surgery several years ago involving moving bones and titanium screws. He is now using a brace and a cane.