Thirteen Things Vixen loves about her new homestead (I may not own it, but I sure love it)

  1. This is where I get to sit each evening and blog.100_1124.jpg
  2. This fish pond is at the corner of my front lawn.100_1126.jpg
  3. There is all kinds of fruit everywhere. 100_1129.jpg
  4. This is the view from my hot tub. 100_1130.jpg
  5. I can go here and read in peace and quiet.100_1131.jpg
  6. Spiderman lives in our treehouse. 100_1132.jpg
  7. Mr. Vixen has a place to play and putter. 100_1133.jpg
  8. There is another big pond with a waterfall.100_1134.jpg
  9. Now my giant 10 cent goldfish, Whitey, has a place to play.100_1135.jpg
  10. Cousin IT (landlord) got a turtle. 100_1137.jpg
  11. There are tons of flowers, some I find halfway to the creek.100_1051.jpg
  12. The whole family plays badmitton, frisbee and whiffle ball every weekend on a lawn without worrying about running into a busy road way.100_1139.jpg
  13. I get to see views like this just before sunset.100_1140.jpg

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