OK, so I wanted to post a bazillion times this weekend and stuff just kept interrupting. Like life stuff. So here is a too short recap of the weekend, heavy on the pics:

Saturday we went to Lavender Fields 5th Annual Lavender Days Festival

I found it while researching the Internet for stuff around our new homestead. There was a hecka (shout out to all my Utah homeys there) LOT of lavender there. Which made it smell unbelievable fabulous. I had no idea I loved the smell of lavender so much. Nor did Mr. Vixen, who apparently purchased six cases of lavender scented incense while Bear and I were making fresh lavender sachets. Here are some of the fields (hecka [hey Layton, UT] lot of bees):
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not quite sure now, but I think they have 87 million different types of lavender grown there organically. The confusion stems from the fact that:

  1. it smells really, really good there
  2. lavender is, apparently a mood relaxer
  3. i got a free massage (pic next)
  4. i brought home some of the smelly, relaxing stuff home
  5. i went through some kind of lavender labyrinth which taught me centerdness during meditation
  6. i am so relaxed i can’t remember caps and stuff

Ya, so the free 5 minute massage:

I am the really young, absolutely stunningly beautiful one on the left…..

OK, so I was her once, about 28 years ago. But don’t tell her because then she’ll know how it all turns out.

Then I ended the day on an AT note (minus the filth, ha ha ha ha) and ended my day like this:

But not before I chased the big white bird that we don’t know the name of that keeps landing down in the creek, but runs off before we can catch a pic (dam thing flew away, it is really huge but you can’t tell)

but I didn’t close my day with my eyes closed….I put my feet up and watched this while I listened to its lovely tinkle (one my mother’s day presents):

It was a sweet day. On Sunday I worked my ass off weeding, babysitting, shopping and cooking a little, bitty turkey. But that is another story.

P.S. If you note the dates on the pics say it’s the wrong day for Saturday, I am not insane (wait, yes I am), the date on my crappy ass non-digital camera is wrong and I can’t figure out how to change it. I just found the stupid camera after it being lost for 2 years when I moved. I have what I thought was an OK digital but the battery died. And I was looking at everyone else’s pictures and I feel really, really bad that I don’t have a good camera. I have camera envy worse than Mrs. Eaves

Please pity my senseless, lavender life and send me money to buy a decent digital camera…….

(or to get a new pedicure????)