Allisone from A Deserved Indulgence tagged her readers with this meme to post seven things about myself that are a habit, unusual, or that no one else knows. I have never done a meme and since I told her I would do it, I guess I should do it.

  1. I am, apparently, boring as hell and this list is going to be very hard to fill if the last 30 minutes are any indicator.
  2. I just discovered that the ringer was turned off on my work phone and that my family called me 842 times in the last 45 minutes and they did not have anything important to say.
  3. I dislike, in a most intense manner, leeches. This fear stems from a comic book I read as a youngin’ and I can’t get over it.
  4. JFK touched me before I was born. Ok, well he touched my mother’s large pregnant belly while I was incubating, just before the secret service whisked him away muttering something about bombs under their breath.
  5. I have two tattoos and for some reason I have recently been thinking about getting another. I was 39 years old when I got my first one, I am late to the party.
  6. I can’t function in the morning until I have checked my e-mail. I do it before coffee.
  7. I ❤ Brad Pitt. Here at the den, Mr. Vixen calls him “the only man your mom would ever leave me for.” Yummy, sexy dude.

Ok, so all you reader’s of my blog, you too are now tagged. Yes, both of you. I see you. Don’t you run away like that. Come back here.