The torment continues. I have survived exactly 9 days way out in the country that is my new home. Living out of boxes as I unpack them, counting, seriously counting the day until there is internet and cable TV. That was today.

I am posting from work **sob**

There is no internet. There is no cable TV. There is a very, very unhappy Mr. Vixen and three very unhappy cubs who’s entire lives (their E N T I R E lives people) depend on either TV (Mr. Vixen) or the internet (the cubs). There are online college classes starting…..and I CAN”T BLOG. Or read blogs. Or chat with my mom. It is killing me. I sit each evening on my porch and listen to the frogs croak and the coyotes howl and the rest of the family complain about how there is NO TV OR INTERNET.

The people I hired to do cable and internet. Fired. Unable to do the job. Refused. Denied. So now? DSL (oh please let it work) on Friday. TV? Possibly available in 2-3 weeks. Yes weeks. And I have already watched every DVD I own.

I may feed myself to the coyotes.