June 2007

I went out this morning to do some weeding at the new homestead. When I was done, I picked a bunch of these


And by noon they had become this:


Yumtastic. You are all drooling now, I know you are.

I am on the internet looking at our MyFamily page calendar. I turn to Mr. Vixen and the following conversation ensues:

Me: Oh look, someone in our family is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in August.

*Blank stare as he thinks about this, hard*, I wait patiently.

Him: Yes, oh yes. That would be, ummmm.

Him: Well let’s see. Ummmm. Would it be….no. Oh, wait…no it couldn’t be your brother, he’s too young.

*I turn towards him, peering over the top of my glasses.* (It was so not the death glare).

Him: (in a very, very small voice) Hey, oh yea, that would be us.

Well, it will be if he lives that long.

The day you were born, my last sweet baby, the doctor asked me what your name was. I hesitated, suddenly unsure. I had two names (well really three) picked already in an order of preference. But you were so lovely and tiny and in an instant I knew your name. Not one of those, but one I had thought about alot. Somehow it just fit you, bear. You could never have been anything but. Although I did strongly consider the doctor’s suggestion of Rainbow Brite.

You were always our little pixie. A gift from God to me. I had my matched set, we were a complete family, but I needed you somehow. As a baby and toddler, you were the apple of your brother’s and sister’s eyes. They would do anything for you. You never had to speak, you could just point and grunt and they knew what each sound meant.

You grew to be a fine little girl. So active and fun. We used to say you spent almost as much time on your hands as you did your feet, because you were always cartwheeling or flipping from room to room. Sometimes you seemed almost too sensitive, actually feeling the pain of your peers. But so caring and loving. You could bring together everyone and make them get along. The snobs and the outsiders, they all wanted to be around you and you would not tolerate them treating each other badly.

You have now grown the be an exceptional young lady. You bring joy to those around you. You are kind and loving and fiercely loyal. In you we all see something we want to  be, a little piece of perfection in ourselves that is missing.

I am so grateful for these last 16 years and I am excited about the rest of your life. You are a strong, smart, sassy, beautiful girl young lady. Follow your dreams, whatever you want in life can be yours.

Have a great birthday sweetie. I love you.

OK, so I wanted to post a bazillion times this weekend and stuff just kept interrupting. Like life stuff. So here is a too short recap of the weekend, heavy on the pics:

Saturday we went to Lavender Fields 5th Annual Lavender Days Festival

I found it while researching the Internet for stuff around our new homestead. There was a hecka (shout out to all my Utah homeys there) LOT of lavender there. Which made it smell unbelievable fabulous. I had no idea I loved the smell of lavender so much. Nor did Mr. Vixen, who apparently purchased six cases of lavender scented incense while Bear and I were making fresh lavender sachets. Here are some of the fields (hecka [hey Layton, UT] lot of bees):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not quite sure now, but I think they have 87 million different types of lavender grown there organically. The confusion stems from the fact that:

  1. it smells really, really good there
  2. lavender is, apparently a mood relaxer
  3. i got a free massage (pic next)
  4. i brought home some of the smelly, relaxing stuff home
  5. i went through some kind of lavender labyrinth which taught me centerdness during meditation
  6. i am so relaxed i can’t remember caps and stuff

Ya, so the free 5 minute massage:

I am the really young, absolutely stunningly beautiful one on the left…..

OK, so I was her once, about 28 years ago. But don’t tell her because then she’ll know how it all turns out.

Then I ended the day on an AT note (minus the filth, ha ha ha ha) and ended my day like this:

But not before I chased the big white bird that we don’t know the name of that keeps landing down in the creek, but runs off before we can catch a pic (dam thing flew away, it is really huge but you can’t tell)

but I didn’t close my day with my eyes closed….I put my feet up and watched this while I listened to its lovely tinkle (one my mother’s day presents):

It was a sweet day. On Sunday I worked my ass off weeding, babysitting, shopping and cooking a little, bitty turkey. But that is another story.

P.S. If you note the dates on the pics say it’s the wrong day for Saturday, I am not insane (wait, yes I am), the date on my crappy ass non-digital camera is wrong and I can’t figure out how to change it. I just found the stupid camera after it being lost for 2 years when I moved. I have what I thought was an OK digital but the battery died. And I was looking at everyone else’s pictures and I feel really, really bad that I don’t have a good camera. I have camera envy worse than Mrs. Eaves

Please pity my senseless, lavender life and send me money to buy a decent digital camera…….

(or to get a new pedicure????)

My first edition. Don’t be too annoyed….

Thirteen Things I Want To Do In The Next Six Months:

  1. Take the family to Disneyland (the submarine ride just re-opened and that was my favorite as a child).
  2. Go visit Great at the cabin (doubles as a vacation too).
  3. Finish sewing my first ever quilt.
  4. Complete the almost done crochet works: Great’s sweater, Bear’s shrug, Funsize’s afghan.
  5. Win the lottery.
  6. Host my first ever Barn Party at the new homestead.
  7. Go to the beach (it’s been way too long).
  8. Make Ladybug her first home-made costume for Halloween.
  9. Paint a picture.
  10. Get a better digital camera and start taking at least one picture everyday.
  11. Learn to write better posts.
  12. Win the lottery.
  13. Create an elaborate plan for spending the lottery winnings.

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I have seriously beautiful children and grandchild, just gaze upon my lovely Bear and LadyBug, she loves for Auntie Bear to SWING!

and now that I have blinded you with the beauties that are my blessings and miracles. I am going to remind you about Share A Square

Get on over there and join us. Kids make the world go round, so let’s all get together and make these kids feels special. If you can’t crochet, put up a button or two to help spread the word.

I managed to complete my first two squares for the Share A Square project. Here is a picture:

Not much time either, first one last night took a 1/2 hour and this morning I whipped up the 2nd in about 20 minutes. Tonight NannyGoat is coming over to learn how to crochet!!! I have been trying to teach her since she was born, but she is easily distracted. These little squares are perfect for her so she can start to get a sense of accomplishment and kill time while she waits to pop out the jumping bean (only 11 weeks and counting).

Click the link and make some squares….share your love. If you can’t crochet, it’s easy to learn or ask a friend. If you know me I can show you how, or you can send me some yarn and I will make them for you!!!

Yippee, kiyah. My power cord from Canada came. I am back up and running.

  Shelly Kneupper Tucker is “searching for people with big hearts.”  Her goal is to build approximately 140 afghans out of donated granny squares for children with cancer and blood disorders at Camp Sanguinity. That means that she has to collect 6,720 granny squares from us to be able to gift each camper with their own blanket.

If you know how to crochet or are willing to learn how to crochet or know someone else who crochets or have a website and would like to advertise this worthy project, go check out Shelley’s pitch and instructions for participation in this worthy cause.

Thanks to Shmutzie for the buttons!

So I get freaking DSL hooked up and what happens? My computer plug dies. Just my luck. And then, Fishboy finds one on ebay much more affordable than anywhere and he orders it for me. He says “it will be here fast because they are in California too.” I finally get an email today that it shipped…..from CANADA. And they sent it Canadian Post, which apparently can take two weeks, not counting time in customs.

Wrong CA Fishboy.

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