I am sitting here working my butt off (that can’t be true, or my butt would be much smaller) and I get an IM from Bear who is babysitting Ladybug:

Bear: (3:32:12 PM): this is about your grandchild’s day

Bear: (3:32:23 PM): first

Bear: (3:32:33 PM): your husband locked her in the dog run (note she says “your husband”, apparently not claiming him as dad today)

Bear: (3:35:01 PM): now after that

Bear: (3:35:09 PM): we played with chalk outside      

Bear: (3:36:31 PM): then after that

Bear: (3:36:40 PM): we cooled off in the sprinklers

Bear: (3:38:58 PM): then since it was such a long day

Bear: (3:39:15 PM): we relaxed on the chair and watched elmo

Bear: (3:40:43 PM): hahah

Bear: (3:41:01 PM): she did the whole arms behind her head thing herself

That baby Bear is a most awesome daughter. Don’t know how she knew today was a day I really needed something like this. I love my kids!