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I float from here to there and back again

Swirling eddies drag and spin me as I drift, to and fro

I have no oar, no sense of objective

I am lost and alone, yet when found am anxious

I wander through a forest, aimless

Lost in the giant trees, with sunlight blocked

The darkness breathing around me and in me

Yet the trees exhale peace and I am serene

Cold and shivering, yet calm

High above the mountain top I soar as a bird

Wind whistling past my ears, I am deafened

Singular and fated, I hover above all

Watchful of the shadows below, waiting

In expectation of change

Shall I swoop or swim or walk?

When will I know?

I would run, if I followed my instincts

I don’t run

I stay, I wait

I wander, I soar, I float